NGO is a very important foundation for the unfortunate. At least for most of the people, NGOs are a part of their life because they spend day in and day out understanding ways to tackle the problems and these NGOs are a solution to help them out during difficult crises. It’s rather important that people learn why an NGO exists. Some people have the assumption that an NGO is formed just for name sake and it probably eats all of the funding that they get. Yes, sometimes these assumptions are true but most of the time it is not that.

India is, as we know, a place where bribery is not unknown and it is rather a part of most people’s life , sometimes it is part of their business. NGO is a way to turn that black money into white but it’s all a conspiracy theory because the good ones get their name tainted because of such situations and challenges that are posted in front of them. NGO is a way that can save and help lives.We are facing Covid, one of the biggest battle that India or the world for that matter has ever faced and it is vital that we understand the need for funding for the people who have their jobs taken away, who don’t have savings, for people who have come on the roads to beg and for people who don’t know when the next meal is. Covid funding is India can only work when the funding goes through a proper organization and then reaches to the people in need. The first step is to find a cause that you truly believe in and then find the right NGO to put your trust in. It’s the only way to save humanity.

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