To be honest, it does not. It can’t prevent you from having Covid or catching it for that matter but it doesn’t help in the spread of the virus. Now why we wear the mask is the question. Covid is a deadly virus that is slowly killing people. The count of people being dead has been more than a million and you know the sad part we don’t even know if the cure exists and if it exists when will it be given out  and ultimately the question of when will it be over? Well, all these questions are asked but the answers are zero and to answer your question about the mask. Well, it helps you from not catching the virus from other people who have been in contact with the virus. 

A mask if worn by one person can reduce the chance of transmission of the virus. If the virus enters your respiratory system, I mean it can really create a lot of troubles and the worst case scenario as you know is death. So yes it can’t totally prevent you from it but can exponentially lower your chances of catching the virus. So guys, do me a favor and slap on a mask in public. It isn’t that hard and y’all aren’t 2 year old kids that need reminding. We are in the middle of a pandemic and not a stroll in the park. Wearing a mask shouldn’t have to be a compulsion, it should actually be your conscious telling you that if you want to live and let others live then please wear a mask and reduce the risk. Because of one careless step you can end up in the hospital, in a vegetative state and find yourself going through pain and torture. Imagine a mask can help you not go through that torturous process then why are you taking a risk by not following the norms and rules that are stated.

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