“Everyone can do something” Mother Teresa

Ancient texts define compassion as a main human virtue. Yet, in today’s hectic world, our lives are becoming more self-centered. The empathy and concern that makes us human is getting lost along the way.

At ROHKSH FOUNDATION, we believe that every one of us has the ability to make a meaningful contribution. It doesn’t matter which walk of life one comes from, by leveraging one’s unique skills and talents, everyone willing can help effect change.

As a volunteer with ROHKSH FOUNDATION, you will have the opportunity to work with communities who are the most needy and vulnerable. However, we encourage all those interested in committing time and energy to our cause to get in touch. You can contribute immensely for the betterment of society. If you have the enthusiasm, we would be happy to help find the right fit for you.

By contributing a fraction of your time and effort, you are able to make a large impact in our mission to help communities build their resilience. Such is the power of volunteering!

Kindly fill the below details to join us as a volunteer