Travelling during a pandemic? My question is why? I mean isn’t it better you sit back in your house and wait till everything mulls over but if you are far away from home then it’s better you don’t travel as well because you may be the carrier of the virus and you can just as easily infect and transmit it to another person. But if it is some reason that you can’t really get out of then yes, travelling during a pandemic can really be a challenge.

With the protocols put in place, there are still chances that you may end up catching the virus if you are travelling for hours on end. The goal is for you to remain as safe as possible to follow the safety norms and guidelines. The first thing you do is get yourself a mask that will protect you and make you comfortable as well. Yes, there are options for masks while choosing a mask and it is best that you try one on and feel if it will be comfortable. Secondly get yourself a face shield, the one that is light in weight and also gives your proper coverage. And lastly if you can get yourself a PPE kit and cover your body because the less your body is in contact with other people, it lessens the chance of you catching it. Always remember that you need to keep a sanitizer handy for moments when you think you touched a surface or a person by mistake. 

If you follow all of this, you are safe to go. But my only advice is to not travel. If you can postpone this trip, then please do but if it is something that you can’t put off then take the proper precautions to help combat it.

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