Thank you for the crucial and caring work you do every day. Recently, the secretive street artist Banksy revealed “The Game Changer,” a painting of a young boy playing with his new superhero. The toy basket beside him reveals the usual characters, Superman and Batman, but the boy chooses to play with his new favourite – a nurse I think Bansky has perfectly captured the sentiments of all of us. You are our superheroes.

That this artwork has just been revealed is quite fitting, given this is National Nursing Week. It also marks the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. Nightingale was also a superhero. Known as the “Angel of Crimea” she and her team of nurses saved countless British lives during the Crimean War. We are in our own battle right now. A different kind for sure, but like those before, this one has placed significant hardships on patients – and those caring for them

. You go to work each day, in conditions that pose a real threat to your health, and many of you have chosen to self-isolate from your families to make sure they remain safe. Two siblings from Hyde have put their artistic skills to good use, by making a road-wide chalk mural to thank hard-working NHS workers. All the clapping for nurses and health workers inspired Luca and Jessica Stafford, aged 13 and 11, to draw their masterpiece on Charlton Avenue in Newton. The duo also did it in admiration for good family friend Michelle Pelling, who works as a nurse in Manchester.

But that’s not all they are doing, with Jess and Luca also set to join hundreds of Scouts across the UK to ‘Hike to the Moon’ during BBC’s Big Night In tonight (Thursday) – in a bid to raise money for Comic Relief and Children in Need. The 3rd Newton Scouts, alongside other scout groups in the area, will be hitting a mile target each, by walking on the spot or lapping the garden, to make a collective 240,000 mile journey to the ‘moon.’


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