Now we all know that the Coronavirus is a huge pain and with no cure available right now it is definitely being a challenge. So apparently because the cure hasn’t been found, the next best thing is to find preventive measures that can be taken against the virus so as to reduce the risk of us catching the virus. Hand Sanitizers were one of the main things that became crucial so as to help us from not catching the Covid virus. Yes, it has its disadvantages but with the situation we live in, we might as well start following measures that can save us.

Now why did we make hand sanitizers an essential item? These sanitizers basically have alcohol in it that helps disinfect one’s hands and surfaces from the virus and bacteria. It helps kill the virus. I mean I don’t know how accurate are the advertisements that are shown on the TV about the percentage of the virus killed but the good thing is that yes, sanitizers help in the prevention of you catching the virus.

To be honest, the downside is that your hands will get rough and if you overuse the sanitizers it can cause a lot of skin problems. Use it in moderation and in public seating because that will be useful there.

The hilarious part is that there are so many myths and assumptions that were created around the sanitizers. So from sanitizers it went to alcohol and from there people thought that drinking alcohol can prevent a person from getting the virus. I mean yay for the people who like drinking because they got another reason to drink but people who followed this thinking it was the solution, I mean please get your facts checked because there is no reason to believe that alcohol is the cure. At the end, the only thing to keep in mind is that sanitizers help disinfecting yourself and excessive use if it can be really harmful and cause more problems.

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  1. Hand sanitizer is very important thing in this pandemic situation. They kills the virus and stop virus from spreading.

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