Well sitting in a pandemic and surviving is being really hard isn’t it? Sitting in the house, waiting to get out of there, wanting to shop or eat or just be in a theater with your friends and most of all just being surrounded by people I guess. Covid has really created a lifestyle that is really frustrating but yes people are finally understanding the importance to slow down, think and breathe. Just to sit in the house and to feel like you’re doing something for yourself. And with everything happening, the only thing that we could come up with is the PPE kits, the sanitizers and the masks that help prevent you from catching the virus.

Now why use the PPE kits and does it even help? To answer your question; yes, it helps. PPE kits are known as Personal Protective Equipments include all the equipment like the safety helmets, eye protections, hazmat suits, high visibility clothing, safety footwear, safety harnesses, ear plugs, ear defenders respiratory protective equipment. Well now all of these equipment might not be something that would be available to the general public during this situation so the PPE kits normally have an overall, the hand gloves, the mask and the face shield which will protect you long journeys or in flights.

It is very beneficial if you opt for this because it protects over all and really lessens the chance of you getting the Coronavirus. Yes, it may have its few disadvantages but the advantages really outweigh it. Coronavirus is really an ongoing and a long battle but these PPE kits have really been a saviour for the health essential workers and people who have to be out for a long time in a public place. PPE kits cant guarantee to stop the virus but the chances of you catching it really is very low when you put in this protective gear.

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