I think as devastatingly as Covid is affecting the human populous, I think we often forget that other lives matter as well. In the search of finding freedom for humans, let them be the black or the LGBTQ+ community; we always forgot that if the mute had voices, they would be fighting as well. Yes, I am not just talking about our environment but I’m also talking about those we see everyday, ragged and dirty and in pain. Did you ever wonder what they are going through? Everyday on the streets roaming around for a piece of bread or a fruit and always in search of quenching their thirst. Have you ever thought of those animals who look at you with those adorable eyes yet there is always a lingering sadness and still they keep hope in humans? Yes, I am talking about the street animals who hound you not to bite you but for a desperate attempt of food and play.

According to National Geographic, India shelters roughly around 35 million street animals and most of them live everyday battling through issues that we don’t even know of. People apparently are so heartless that they are beating and pelting the street dogs as a way of increasing their “TikTok” content. When did we become so cold hearted that we forgot that as much as we value our life, it is very important to value everyone’s life. There’s nothing wrong in playing with them, nothing wrong with feeding them and definitely not wrong if you want to pet them. They crave for a kind gesture. They crave for a little love. I think we all can remove a few minutes out of our quarantine lives to spend some time with them.

So today when you go out for some grocery shopping, don’t forget to pick up a little something for them as well. They’ll definitely be loyal to you and gratuitous of the gesture.Adopt some of those cute little angels under your wings. If Coronavirus is affecting you, it is definitely affecting them more than you can fathom.


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  1. My friend has recently started working for the benefit of stray animals like cats and dogs. I have also joined his projects, and I must admit, helping them really feels good.

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