As hilarious as the title goes, we Indians have the tendency to turn every small thing into a myth or a superstition. Now that we all are sitting in our houses, it didnโ€™t really change the fact that we still came up with new myths to combat the virus. India has always been known as the place to home various superstitions. Sometimes it may be a coincidence or sometimes it turns out to be a scientific fact supporting it, all in all during the pandemic, we still fell for 2 big myths.

The first biggest myth that everyone fell for was that the hot and humid weather can kill the Covid-19 virus. Looking back on this, every Indian living in the hottest regions of India rejoiced on the fact that summer is going to be coming soon and with it the virus will also be dead. I canโ€™t believe how disappointed I was to find that the hot weather winds did nothing to reduce the effects of the virus. The World Health Organisation(WHO) had then later given a statement saying that based on the evidence collected, the virus can be transmitted in any weather conditions. The summer of 2020 turned out to be an utter disaster. And then we started rejoicing about the fact that cold conditions can kill the virus and I mean after the summer was the rainy season that was upon us and everyone then started waiting for the rains and this time we all were in our houses so no problem of getting down and getting disgusted by the muddy and puddle waters. But I guess disappointment had become another friend of ours and again the WHO said there is absolutely no reason to believe that the cold weather can kill the Covid-19 virus because the normal human body temperature is still going to be 36.5C to 37C even if there are changes in the weather.

Looking back on these โ€œweather mythsโ€ that we put our faith in seems to be quite hilarious on our part but it is not wrong to keep our hopes to eradicate this pandemic. Hoping for things to get better is the only way that we should be living our lives and being negative about such circumstances will never bring good to anyone; neither us, neither yourselves.

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