Well after the long lists of myths and assumptions that we have seen, I guess the next that made the list is the mosquito bites. Living in India, it is not common for us to get a mosquito bite and it’s rather strange if you didn’t get one. Before this myth came up, there was some information which stated that dogs and cats can transmit the disease, now I’m not sure at which extent that is true but coming back to the mosquitoes, I am completely sure that their bites are definitely not giving you the virus.

The World Health Organization had clearly stated that this pandemic or Coronavirus for that matter is transmitted via the close contact of one person to another and the virus is only spreading if the other person has coughed or sneezed and the droplets of saliva have somehow landed on your hand or near your face. This new virus is a respiratory virus. So yes, maintaining distance from the entire human populous became quite essential. To break this myth further and to make it more clear, there have been no cases or information that showed that a mosquito bite will infect you with the virus. So probably the only thing that you need to be worrying about a mosquito bite is the itching that follows after. If you’ve been avoiding getting a mosquito bite then congratulations on the “no itching” and if you did get a bite then congratulations that you will never get infected by the virus.

At the end, my only advice to give you is that disinfect your hands and face by washing it frequently with soap and water and if you come in contact with a person or a close friend, please do keep a sanitizer on hand because you never know who’ll be infected by whom and you’ll only have to blame yourself. So follow the norms of social distancing and protect yourself.

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