Does the lockdown still feel like it’s prevailing? Like you can’t really get out, you can’t really feel that you are rid of this virus. There are rules and there are restrictions that are being followed that helps us from being protected from the virus. The trains are shut down, we can’t travel anywhere and you have to register for an e-pass that allows you to travel, at least that rule applies in Mumbai.

So it’s been too many days spent living in the comfort of our houses and with the increasing desperation, we also tried looking out for alternatives that could kill the virus or the least prevent it to attack us and with the long list of myths and assumptions that we have been following, another one was added to our list that hand dryers are effective in killing the Coronavirus. Well, well, well, that is definitely not going to be the solution to end this lockdown.

As per the World Health Organization guidelines, the hand dryers are totally ineffective to the virus and the only way to prevent it is to frequently clean your hands with water and soap or alcohol based sanitizers. It is then advised after you clean them that you dry them thoroughly with a paper towel or dry it out with the hand dryer. So at the end, the hand dryer may be a part of the process to prevent it but it definitely is not the end to meet our demand of killing the virus.

The only thing I can say is protect yourself and advise others to do so and one day after all this ends, we all can still plan our vacation trips without the fear of the virus hanging on our heads. 

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