When we had just started to know about the Coronavirus, the first thing we assumed is that Coronavirus may be another form of cold or flu. And for a long time, the people around the globe did believe that but as every assumption ever made during this pandemic, the assumption of the virus being another form or to be more accurate, an evolved form of the common cold. Now why the assumption? And Why did most of the people believe them?

The common cold symptoms were the same as the early symptoms of the Covid-19 virus. The sneezing, wheezing, coughing and blowing out your nose were the exact symptoms that you would find in a Corona infected person. The myth later was cleared and the World Health Organisation came out with the facts stating that the Corona Virus belonged to the large family of viruses which later then created many problematic health issues and diseases. The SARS-CoV-2 shared similarities with the other Coronaviruses in which 4 of them caused the common cold to be the symptom.

The major problem that we faced throughout the globe was not the virus but was the increasing fear and the fact that we followed major misconceptions that were created during this lockdown. We, at Rohksh Foundation, understand that it is quite hard to find the positive side within us where there are all the possibilities to be negative but it is important that we stay positive in order to fight back this virus together and effectively. Supporting each other will definitely help eradicate this pandemic.

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