According to a UNICEF report that was declared by the Times of India, there is going to be an increase in the pregnancy cases in India. Around 20 million babies will be born by the end of the year, taking the Covid-19 cases into consideration; this is such a baby-boom and why not, it seems to be the perfect time to get pregnant. You are safe in your houses, you don’t have the added stress and both the parents can support each other while being in the comfort of their homes. But the only thing that seems to be on their mind is the scare of catching the virus and affecting the baby and the most scary part is if the mothers can breastfeed their newborn child.

The assumptions that were made because of this scare was if the mothers have the Covid-19 virus should they breastfeed their babies? And are you sure that this will benefit the child? I think so they should. The research done by WHO suggests that if the mother already has the virus then the baby is already exposed to it and in this case it is best if the child is closer to the mother because the skin to skin contact of the baby with the mother calms and soothes the baby down and they should definitely share a room together. The newborn baby will also benefit from the continued process of breastfeeding. And the most important thing to remember is that the breast milk that a mother provides is the best solution for the baby to combat the virus because the milk contains vital properties that boost the new born baby’s immune system.

I know that being pregnant and having a baby is the hardest thing that you’ll ever go through but being positive and taking proper precautions for your protection and for your new born baby is more essential. It’s better that you’re in your house and also you can give into your cravings whenever you want.

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