Covid 19 has slowly been eating away with people’s lives. It hides behind symptoms that seem like cold and then it sneaks up on you and creates a condition so worse that you can’t breathe and you always are weak and are in pain. Covid -19 is something very sneaky and with people creating myths around it worsens the situation. I heard a case where the entire society rejected a person because he had Covid. It worsens everything for the person who is going through with it. That being said, the only thing that can really save us is our immune system. 

Yes, our immune system is the only savior at this point and a healthy immune system detects the virus and tries to combat it but a weakened system will just give up.

In order to keep your immune system up, we need to find ways to improve it and food items especially fruits and vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach and so many food items out there can help with our immune system fight this battle. 

Yes, it may sound silly that this is the easiest solution but these solutions can help fight you a deadly virus and keeping a diet that follows such nutritional and healthy food can improve your chances of fighting it and better if you don’t get it at all. The battle with the Coronavirus is far from over and it is best we follow the rules and guidelines given by the WHO i.e The World Health Organization to help it not spread everywhere. Routine has changed and also our lifestyle but we mustn’t give up hope yet because chances are we’ll win if we follow the norms and a proper diet.

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