As the headline suggests, talk it out. Question is what do we speak? Do we talk about the things that are going on around us? We already know about it because social media and news have something new every day. Do we talk about the weather? Well, at least the weather seems to be improving this pandemic and because of our carelessness and indifference the things, environmentally, are getting worse. So we know all about it, what’s next? Exactly in all of this when did you ask yourself what do you want to talk about and how are you feeling?

Physically on the up and up, we all feel fine and great. We are sitting in our houses, binge eating a lot of stuff and binge watching a lot of shows. Happy , happy everything but mentally broken. Mentally you are struggling to keep up with the world, you’re struggling with how the world is, you are struggling with the fact that you are stuck in the house for the past so many months that you want to get out of this trap. You feel trapped, unhappy, sad, suffocated and you feel lonely all the time and it’s time you talk to someone,anyone for that matter. It’s on you for you to feel better. No one can make that decision or take that step for you and for that to happen you have to think about yourself and be a little selfish. Talk about your feelings and for sure, there will be someone out there who’ll empathize and understand you.

37 thoughts on “Talking it out

  1. This is Something very helpful to come out of any stress and depression. People who are sitting at their home alone might get depressed and may have many thoughts going through their mind and they would have no one to talk to then this is the best the foundation to seek someone for help to talk and ask for advice.

  2. Talking to people helps a lot and you feel free after sharing your thoughts to them and vice versa. It helps a lot and improves your mental health.

  3. Being in the current situation people have forgotten that they need to let out their feeling as talking to people and opening up lets out all that we have kept inside and makes us feel lighter.

  4. Mental health has always been so underrated but it has many side effects. It is very important to put the feelings out. Very informative

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