Remember when lockdown was imposed? First thought in my mind was amazing, I can sit at home, no restrictions, no exams, no work, no meeting anyone. Then 30 days passed by and then I felt the need to be around people because I was honestly just tired of browsing through my phone, one series after the same, looking at my friend through phone via video call. Just tired, I guess and these were the problems that I thought were the major one. Thousands of people stranded is the problem. Thousands of people on the road because they don’t have houses to live in. These people are the ones that pay their houses via the daily income that they get but what of the daily income closes down or you don’t receive a payment? Everything stops in your life because no house, no food and nothing to combat the situation.

When I saw the news of these migrants stranded, can you believe that their own state wasn’t accepting them to return back home? Migrants who come to the city side so that they can earn enough to pay for their daily expenses and send some money back home. A lot of initiatives were taken but the migrants had already gone through so much trauma that you and I can’t even imagine. Getting rejected by your own family, friends, relatives and the state at large can really bring a very harmful impact. Imagine living so far from your family and then when you return you are told not to come back. Immigrants really did bear the consequences of this lock down, let’s hope that when situations like these arise that we’ll be considerate towards them.


  1. This article is so reflective. we should always be grateful for what we have and also be a good wisher and helper for others too.

  2. Valuing something which you have ,have become so important these days, its really important to be grateful about things you have.

  3. It’s an inspiring article for those who have much but don’t think of it, just think of what they don’t have. It’ll give a lesson to them and to think that what really they have in their life.

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