Billions of people live in India and most of the people are found to be below the poverty line. You know that these people can’t afford even their basic necessities to fulfill their wishes and demand for that matter. You have to understand that while we sit in our houses we still have a lot of liberty to do stuff. Just imagine living in a tiny house for days where if you walk two steps you have your kitchen, another step you have the main space for your hall where you sleep in the night and you look out your window and you can see your neighbor so closely that you can shake your hands with the them or exchange your food right across the window. Imagine staying in such a small house for days with nothing to do and no TV in the house and no phones either. The heights of frustration are way too much because you can’t go out and even then you have no space for yourself and the worst you can’t even leave them. At the end of the day, you probably would want a way out.

We have enough money that we can contribute something to these people. They are in need of us. They need the medicines and medical kit that we freely enjoy and waste as well. Give a little to them and save the millions of lives that are in danger of losing their lives because of the Covid. One medical kit can save an entire family from dying. Let’s take that initiative to make a difference in their life.



  1. Doing something good for the society now is something very important and this is good work of helping the society out is efficiently done by ROHKSH FOUNDATION its nice to see people forward and contributing something for the society at such a time where everyone is in utmost need of help.

  2. Its really important to contribute to the society and to help the needy and whatsoever way possible. Specially during this times its very necessary to help others out.

  3. Awareness around the scarcity to meet them at capacity is the call to take at this hour. Your efforts towards this are commendable.

  4. A very well written and impacting article for the people to understand the needs of the people who dont have money during the current covid situation.

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