Well millennial being millennial, the one thing I suppose this generation possesses is the weirdest habit of never taking a shower, least of all a hot water bath. I can’t speak for the clean freaks but let’s be honest everyone is lazy to take a bath at the end of the day and with us sitting at home, we just forget that hot water bath is even a thing. Especially when it’s a pleasant season or a cold cozy weather for that matter having a hot bath feels amazing but the laziness that sets in stops one from taking a bath. But let’s focus on this rumour that was going around about this concept.

According to all the Whatsapp elders that love playing the game of forward messages, this was a bizarre one. Apparently taking a hot water bath can prevent one from catching the corona virus, now if you are following this habit then congratulations your mother just fooled you into taking a bath. And yes, it is a good habit to keep yourself clean and tidy but it definitely is not helping you with the virus. Our normal body temperature lies within the range of 36.5C to 37.5C so regardless of us taking a hot shower it will not destroy the virus. The best way to protect yourself is to frequently clean and disinfect your hands.

So yes at the end of the day, a hot shower will not kill the virus but at least your mother will have the satisfaction of you keeping yourself tidy. So maybe once in a while taking a shower doesn’t seem like a bad idea, now does it.

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