To be honest, when I was googling and checking every possible home remedy that we came up with to solve the Covid-19 crisis; the only solution that cracked me up was eating garlic. Now the question that popped in my mind is that is it another possible myth or is it a home remedy?

Now the medical and health properties that garlic possesses is extremely good for our health but will it solve this coronavirus outbreak? Well, I have no idea and a while ago even the doctors did not know that. Everyone went around assuming that it can be a solution but turned out to be another disappointment that we had to face. I guess 2020 is going to be known for its disappointments. As usual another home remedy turned into a myth, not surprising there but why would we think that consuming garlic could prevent the extremities of the virus. While the truth was that it didn’t prevent it even though garlic is healthy and does contain anti-microbial properties, it is no match to the effects of the virus. There is no evidentiary support that proves the theory and conclusively for anyone who followed this rule, I hope you must have used mouthwash because the garlic didn’t protect you from the virus but it did give you a foul breath and weird aftertaste. 

I know sitting in the house is not an ideal situation and not how you wanted to spend your year but maybe it’s also a way to reconnect with your family. To sit back a little and work on yourself; to explore new things to do and someday when everything will get back to normal, you can do all the outdoorsy stuff you’ll ever want to do.

24 thoughts on “Will garlic be another home remedy or myth?

  1. what is wrong and what is right during covid-19 is the most important thing , you are providing very useful and basic information.great.

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