Let’s make a checklist of everything we hate right now: Are we become lazier than usual? Yes. Have we been sitting like a couch potato in front of the TV? Definitely yes. Got into the habit of binge eating and stuffing yourself? Yes. Can’t fit into your old clothes anymore? I mean kinda. Your back is rolling and bending in positions that they aren’t used to? Oh that’s a for sure, yes. I guess it’s a yes to all the bad things that we guiltily love, in short, our own guilty pleasure. We have turned into a version that we longed for because of the schedule that we had. Running in our day to day lives, trying to be something, trying to do so work and now what we find ourselves used to a situation where we can do all our work in the blink of an eye, in the comfort of our houses and this is why we have ultimately lost our mobility and our stamina to do anything.

It’s time we stop being that unhealthy version of ourselves and we start being active. Get up in the morning and go for a run. The roads are empty and maybe it seems like a good idea for your body to catch some fresh air and try to gain some strength back. We all are working from home, yes. But it doesn’t mean we can’t switch between standing and sitting and maybe changing our positions once in a while so as to stretch out our muscles and to keep our body moving. And guys, maybe once in a while sit up straight because seriously your backbone is probably crying in the position that you are seated.

Our routine has changed and we are sitting at home but it doesn’t mean that we have to spoil our health and create difficult situations for our body.

33 thoughts on “Covid bringing in a new lifestyle routine

  1. Our routine has changed for sure people being more lazy day by day. This article let’s us get out of the lazy circle and helps us to do something effective.

  2. Informative, helpful and important article to fight against coronavirus. It is for us to fight and to stay strong and healthy.

  3. The unusual situation of the pandemic has truly changed our lifestyle patterns and made us adapt to the “new normal”!

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