Earlier when covid came out, we had a range of myths that we were exposed to and quite frankly we still are coming up with assumptions to help kill the virus. But are we really successful? Is the question that we are faced to answer. I mean yes the “cure” is found but is it really the cure or is it another way of just boosting our immunity. We all have our assumptions and we all have our own way to deal with it apparently. But now with so many months of staying in a lockdown and following all the procedures and ways of dealing with the virus; we had to come up with another of trying to make the situation better and that is Vitamin C helping in the process of curing the virus and rather in fact the Vitamin c killing the virus.

Now, well I can’t say what is what now but apparently it is just another myth that is waiting to be proven either right or wrong. At this point everyone is probably tired of being in a lockdown and now that things are coming back to the way it is, hopefully it can get better. And for Vitamin C; my friends, if you were popping the supplements, it may have increased your levels of Vitamin C in your body but it hasn’t been proved that it works.

At the end the only thing that matters is to be positive about this whole situation and to try and be hopeful that things will get better. Following the rules, norms and condition that is posed by the WHO is the only way that will help battle this outburst of the virus and to be honest, it is time that we make do with the situation.

33 thoughts on “Is Vitamin C going to help cure the Covid Virus?

  1. Got to learn new thing related to something about covid 19. Its better to trust such blogs then trusting some fake WhatsApp messages or anything.

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