Yes, it is the first time that the entire world is riddled with the pandemic with no solution to cure it but thousands of people across the world are working to find the cure. But the question that we should all ask is when is the populous of women going to be free from the crimes, violence, the indifference, the ignorance, the rejection and most of the feeling of being unsafe. When are we going to be free from all of this unhappy and negative things that keep being thrown at us? The question is so sad because it’s not the strangers that keep taking advantage of us anymore but it is also our very own family that are treating us like garbage. Being a woman, I am unhappy with this situation we are riddled with and the one thing I keep asking is why is it happening to us? This inhumane act; do we even deserve to be living like that? The answer always has been a NO but life still goes on living in the fear of being either molested, beaten or raped.

Empowering women is such an important topic that most of us need to learn and understand. Because at the end, a little help from anywhere can help save a life from being ruined. You don’t know how good you feel when someone understands your worth and it is important for everyone to realize it is in fact a little hope in the self doubt and self esteem issues that we are drowning in. The women everywhere need to rise up and speak out about their trials and tribulations because one voice can help empower 100 of voices everywhere.


38 thoughts on “Speak up Women

  1. This is something very important to discuss about. People might think that now everything is alright during the lockdown period but the true fact is its still the same. It is a very reflective article. Hope for the safety of everyone not only womens.

  2. As we all know about what’s happening in our society specially with women, this article is the best way to help women to stay strong. It’ll definitely become women’s courage to fight against violence.

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