Now why does the headline state this? I mean most of us in our generation have this overwhelming thing and craving for trying out new things. First when McDonald was a hype then KFC then Burger King and slowly it went with Subway but we still never forgot the old street food like the vadapavs in Maharashtra and the chaats in Delhi. At the end of the day eating out was the new norm or even going out every weekend was a way to splurge and chill. You must be really thinking, why am I going on and on an about food and that too when there are more pressing matters like the pandemic we live in. To answer your question, these foods that we once had a overwhelming routine to have it h also become the source where our health is slowly deteriorated.

The use of oil and the consumption of greasy food regularly has weakened our immunity system and the people that once could live up to 80 to 85 years find themselves having life threatening problems at 60, forget 60, it’s now 50. How about we start making better life choices and especially when it comes to our health and eating habits. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become more important because we live in a world that seems to go worse and worse. Well, I can’t say we can totally stop eating it but at least keeping ourselves it check and avoiding it a little can go a long way.

39 thoughts on “Bad eating habits can get you into trouble

  1. During this lockdown period my eating habits got worse. Sitting at home and just eating anything that is edible. Now because of this article I am happy to say that my bad eating habits have stopped. Great article.

  2. Nowadays people are very much addicted to fast food and that’s not good for health at all. May this article help people to understand.

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